Sunroom Engineering

As a patio and sunroom manufacturer, Craft–Bilt Manufacturing Company contracts with professional engineers to review the plans for every Betterliving sunroom. Our engineers have passed examinations and other requirements to obtain a professional engineering license in every state where Betterliving dealers are located. Our engineers prepare and sign engineering drawings so that a building permit for the sunroom can be issued whenever required.

The drawings show the local building departments how the sunroom will be constructed to meet snow loads and wind loads in your area. They will also show how the foundation has to be built in order to support the weight of your new sunroom or patio room, taking into account the type of soil you have and the size and weight of the sunroom. Engineering requirements vary from state to state and by municipality. The cost and time it takes to get a building permit depends on your local building department. Betterliving dealers are well informed about the permitting process in their market area and will take care of the paperwork for you.

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is a certificate that must be obtained from the municipality by the property owner or contractor before a building can be erected or repaired. It must be posted in a conspicuous place until the job is completed and passed as satisfactory by a municipal building inspector.

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

Called a "CO," a certificate of occupancy is issued by the Local Building Department once the sunroom installation has passed all of the required inspections by the local building department. This certificate is issued by the local municipality and is required before anyone can occupy and use the sunroom. It is issued only after the local municipality has made all inspections and all monies and fees have been paid. If you sell your home, you may need to provide a copy of the CO to the buyer.

What is Snow Load?

All building roof structures are designed to a Roof Snow Load (RSL) as prescribed by the governing Building Code (which is a municipal designation) and are a function of the Ground Snow Load (GSL).

What is Wind Load?

The stress placed upon a surface by the wind.

What are Soil Bearing Loads?

Different soil types can support different weights. The type of soil you have at your home affects the size and number of footers required for your sunroom foundation.


1,500 psf


2,000 psf


3,000 psf


4,000 psf

For more information about the building code requirements for sunrooms in your area, contact your local dealer.

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