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Gold Label Certification

Betterliving Sunrooms, doors, and windows are GOLD LABEL CERTIFIED! The gold labels on Betterliving sun rooms let you know that the doors and windows were tested and passed the ratings standards adopted by the Fenestration Manufacturers Association. The labels certify that the product has passed the rating standards specified in the Voluntary Specifications for Aluminum, Vinyl (PVC) and Wood Windows and Glass Doors.

Since 1962, the American Architectural Manufacturing Association's (AAMA) Certification Program - the original third-party window performance verification program - has provided the industry's highest standards to evaluate product performance. Its distinctive "gold label" is accepted, if not required, by many federal, state and municipal building codes and administrators - providing an assurance of quality to builders, dealers and homeowners. Betterliving products carrying the GOLD LABEL have passed the following tests:

  1. Operating Force - both the maximum force required to open the unit and keep in motion. This means your doors and windows will be easy to open and close.
  2. Air Infiltration - maximum allowed air leakage with a 25 mph wind applied to the exterior of the unit. We measure the amount of air that can leak past the frame on a windy day.
  3. Water Resistance Test Pressure - resistance to water penetration for a given pressure difference across the unit while a minimum of 5 gallons/sq. ft. per hour is sprayed onto the exterior of the unit. You'll stay dry in your Betterliving Sun Room, because we passed this test with flying colors - not a drop of water leaked through our doors and windows during this rigorous test!
  4. Uniform Structural Test Pressure - determines the structural performance of the unit for a given exterior pressure and interior pressure. After each pressure loading, there cannot be any glass breakage, permanent damage to fasteners, hardware parts, or any other damage that would prohibit the normal operation of the unit. Also there may not be any permanent deformation beyond a specified percentage of its span.
  5. Deglazing Test of Primary Sash - vertical members have a 70 lb force and horizontal members have a 50 lb force applied, individually, and they cannot move beyond a specified distance, relative to their original position. This tests that your Betterliving windows are durable and well–constructed.
  6. Forced Entry Resistance - all locks shall provide reasonable security against forced entry. In this test, force is applied to see if the window can be pulled from its latch with a screwdriver or putty knife. Betterliving windows and doors passed the forced entry test!


NFRC® - National Fenestration Rating Council

The National Fenestration Rating Council® is a non-profit, public/private organization created by the window, door and skylight industry. It is comprised of manufacturers, suppliers, builders, architects and designers, specifiers, code officials, utilities and government agencies. NFRC provides consistent ratings on window, door and skylight products. NFRC's primary goal is to provide accurate information to measure and compare the energy performance of window, door, or skylight products.

Manufacturing Affiliations

UES - Uniform Evaluation Services


Uniform Evaluation Services (UES) has been a leader in codes and standards development since 1926. It was built upon an 88 year old foundation of experience, expertise and quality. 

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