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Betterliving Waterproof Aluminum Decks 

Aluminum Deck

Are you looking for a maintenance-free deck that lasts for decades? Betterliving’s Waterproof Aluminum Deck is made of extruded aluminum, so the boards will not twist, warp, or fade like other decking products. The boards join together under a pressure-locked seal, creating a waterproof* joint. In the unlikely event water gets past the pressure lock, there are built-in continuous gutters in each board for water management. This revolutionary design creates a dry area underneath, making it the perfect solution for second-story decks. Betterliving Decks are available in three colors - Ivory, Fashion Gray, or Antique Bronze - that complement our sunroom, shade products, and railings.

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DIY Decking

You can install our decks yourself with basic construction knowldge. Our DIY decks come with easy to follow instructions, and if you don't feel comfortable installing them yourself, you can hire a professional. Depending on your location, we can send one of our dealers to you, and they will custom build the deck on site. Once built, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new deck when it's ready. 

Aluminum Deck Benefits

One major benefit of aluminum decks is that they remain cooler to the touch than other decking materials, even in the hot summer sun. We tested different decking materials on an 86 degree sunny day, and the different decking surfaces registered at the below temperatures. 

Deck Temperatures

Waterproof Aluminum Decks are also

  • Non-skid, non-combustible, and cool to the touch
  • Maintenance free! No painting, staining, waterproofing, splintering, cracking, rotting, warping, decaying, knot holes, or bonding and glue issues
  • Fabricated with hidden fasteners to eliminate worry about nails or screws popping

For more information about Betterliving Waterproof Aluminum Decks, contact your local dealer today.

*Decking should not be used as the sole roofing solution over enclosed living space

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