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Sunroom Design Tips

Design Your Sunroom to Your Standards

A sunroom does not have to be just for relaxing or entertaining purposes.  Sunrooms can be an escape from your work desk, can create a space for your hobbies like scrapbooking, or can be a man’s cave with a pool table and/or a hot tub.  To revamp your room, here are some design tips.

  1.  Keep things light and bright.  The idea is to create a space that is inviting for you.  Take advantage of the outdoor seasonal colors by bringing them into the sunroom.  You can purchase rugs with bold patterns, large floral print pillows, and an assortment of colorful accessories, like flowers or candles.
  2.  Combine function with fun.  Find different size baskets to hold your folders and writing materials or your magazines.  It’s a great way to avoid clutter in your sunroom.  Also, old teapots and fancy glasses and jars provide perfect containers to hold flowers, pens and pencils, markers, etc for your purpose of the room.  Surrounding yourself with things you enjoy looking at can provide a momentary mental break from complicated tasks and offer you a brief pick me up before returning to your daily tasks.  Baskets, teapots, and jars give a design touch to your sunroom.
  3.  Be mobile.  If you have a year-round sunroom, you do not have to worry about the weather with the ability to heat your sunroom.  But homeowners with three-season sunrooms have to take in consideration the weather and the temperature during certain times of the year.  Make sure that anything you buy to spruce up your sunroom is able to be repurpose when the weather turns and forces you back indoors.

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