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Ways to Control Condensation in your Sunroom in Winter

This is the time of year when people experience excessive condensation on their sunroom windows.
Here are ways to keep it to a minimum.

  • Keep the door closed between your home and your sunroom
  • Remove plants – they add moisture to the air
  • Seal the house windows that open into the sunroom, especially from the kitchen
  • Avoid using heat sources that produce moisture, such as propane, in sunrooms
  • Run your ceiling fan with the window open to help evaporate the dampness left from summer humidity
  • Check to make sure clothes dryer is not venting moist warm air into or under the sun room
Warm air holds more humidity that cool air. Condensation occurs when the air cools off, and the humidity turns to water droplets on the cooled surfaces. We see more condensation on autumn mornings, when the night is cool and we turn our house heat on for the first time.

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