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Retractable Screens

There’s nothing like stepping outside on the first days of spring to the warm sunshine and fresh air. Unfortunately, it isn’t too long before the bugs join you in your favorite place. If you find yourself spending less time on your porch or patio because the bugs are too bad, a sunroom or screen room will keep them on the other side of the wall. But what if you don’t want the permanence of an outdoor room?

Betterliving Sunrooms has the solution: Retractable Screens. They transform your deck or patio into a screen room and back into an open space with the push of a button. Designed with a zipper system, the screens create a completely closed screen room when you need it, but you can still have your open porch when you want it. And you can easily switch between the two with the push of a button.

Betterliving’s Retractable Screens are custom manufactured for your needs and can be installed on porches, patios, decks, and garages. Choose between different screen colors to complement your home and different openness factors to create more privacy and sun protection. To learn more about this flexible outdoor living solution, contact us today.

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