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How to Clean A Sunroom

Although Betterliving Sunrooms are maintenance free, a little cleaning now and then will keep your sunroom in pristine condition. When smudges, dirt splatter, children’s fingerprints or your dog’s nose prints start collecting on the glass, use a mild cleaner like dish soap and water or vinegar and water. This is especially important for the first cleaning. After the first cleaning, you can use a regular glass cleaner. Make sure to never use harsh cleaners, chemicals, abrasive cleaners or power wash the glass or the frames.
The roller wheels on the windows, doors, and screens are lubricated and factory sealed, so they’ll keep rolling smoothly with no maintenance. However, you want to keep the tracks clear of dirt and debris. To do this, simply vacuum them out and wipe them down with a nonabrasive cleaner a couple times a year.
The spring is a great time to visually inspect your sunroom and see if any adjustments are needed. You can always contact your local dealer for assistance or to take part in a routine service program they may offer. Keeping your sunroom in good condition will allow you to continue enjoying it year after year.

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