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What’s new with Betterliving?

Time has quickly come and gone since the last blog post, and here at Craft-Bilt Manufacturing, a lot of exciting things have been happening.  Betterliving products now include some new and unique applications:

Horizontal Shades – Easily pulled from one side to the other, these shades add privacy and block the sun from the side.  They’re perfect for blocking the morning or afternoon sun, or those nosy neighbors who can’t take a hint.

Tension Shade Structures – Increase your shaded outdoor living area by up to twice as much as a standard awning with our retractable tension shade structures.  They’re ideal for large decks or patios and can be top-mounted to an existing glass roof or pergola or mounted to a wall and supported with legs.

Retractable Motorized Screen Rooms – With the push of a button, motorized screens glide through tracks to create a zippered seal.  This innovative system is an open area when you want one and an enclosed screen room when those pesky bugs require one.

Aluminum & Glass Railing Systems – Have the safety and security of a railing without the pickets obstructing your view.  Our aluminum and glass railing systems are a stylish feature for any home or commercial application, and they are fully engineered and ADA compliant to ensure strength and durability.

We also built a new showroom to display all our products and launched new websites to make them more user-friendly. Check out our new corporate site at www.craftbilt.com and our new Betterliving site at www.betterlivingsunrooms.com to see our products and learn more about them and us! 

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