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Was Your Home Built Before 1978?

If so, you should know about the Lead Paint Hazard Information program!

Do you know that federal law requires contractors performing renovations in homes built before 1978 to distribute a lead hazard information pamphlet (“Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home”) to homeowners/occupants prior to beginning any renovation or remodeling activity that disturbs paint. To read the full article, go to http://www.nsc.org/issues/lead/leadrenovation.htm.

What does the law require?
Contractors are supposed to distribute a lead pamphlet to the homeowner and occupants before beginning renovation…and they are supposed to obtain confirmation of receipt of lead pamphlet from homeowner and occupants, or a certificate of mailing from the post office.
Retain records for 3 years.

What types of activities are subject to the law?
· Remodeling and repair/maintenance
· Window replacement
· Electrical work, Painting, Plumbing, Carpentry

What type of remodeling activities are likely to disturb paint:
Any work that breaks through the wall of your house, such as installing a new door or replacing windows
Removing paint; sanding or scraping painted surfaces, or painting outside surfaces
Remodeling work that involves tearing down walls; removing windows and woodwork
Repairs such as fixing plumbing or electrical systems; repairing heating or ventilation ducts that disturb painted surfaces.

Exception: Jobs that affect less than two square feet of paint are not subject to this law.

Want to know more? Betterliving Sunrooms will be happy to send you information! Visit the Contact Us page and request a free copy of the Lead Pamphlet.

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