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Consumers are beginning to think about spring

It is clear from the increased level of activity and consumer interest on our websites that homeowners are thinking ahead to the warm weather season!  Installation crews from many of our sunroom and awning dealers are already booked up in advance, which is great news for our business – and for the economy!  Gas prices have people re-thinking their summer vacation plans – anticipating they will spend more time at home.  To improve the quality of their at-home time, homeowners want shade, shelter, and to save on air conditioning costs.

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We’re On The Honor Roll!

It pays to save energy! Not only did we lower our electric bills by switching over to efficient lighting in our factory and offices – we’ve been added to the Honor Roll of organizations who demonstrate awareness and commitment to better energy and environmental praces in our community.

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“Digital Dirt”

This is the title story in the February issue of Replacement Contractor. The rise of complaint sites and online posts have become a problem for good companies. Seeing the consumer’s gripe, hundreds of people looking for information about a company can be influenced by comments that only show one side of a story.  Many of the sites are un-policed unregulated, and full of negatives. What can companies do to protect themselves against unfair allegations?  We’d love to hear your feedback on how you, as a consumer, use and are influenced by other consumer comments.  Do you always believe what you read?

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