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How Do Betterliving Sunroom Owners Use Their Sunroom?

Many of our customers use their sunroom as a place to dine, entertain, or relax. But sunrooms are so versatile and multi-functional that customers throughout the country have found different ways to use their favorite room of the house.

When the Millers retired and moved into their daughter’s home, they added a Betterliving Sunroom for their own private getaway. They furnished it with a computer desk, small table for crafts and coffee, and soft, reclining chairs. The additional living space gave them a place to sit comfortably while enjoying outdoor scenery.

The Marshall family says their sunroom is a “great playroom for the grandkids.” There is plenty of space for them to run around while getting the benefits of natural light and even fresh air when it’s nice enough to open the windows.

When Louise bought her new home, there was not enough space for her plants. A Betterliving Sunroom created the perfect solution. Her plants are thriving in the natural light, and she is able to continue tending to her plants all year long.

Sara’s craft supplies kept growing and started taking over her house. She added a sunroom to use as her crafting room. She has better light than anywhere else in her house, and her friends enjoy crafting more in her sunroom than anywhere in their houses. 

The Kims love to exercise, but the winter months make it tough to run outdoors. They brought a treadmill into their sunroom addition so they can continue running “outdoors” in all types of weather.

A Betterliving Sunroom is a new room for you to use however you need. Additional space filled with natural light has so many possibilities. How do you plan to use your sunroom?

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