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Americans want quality customer service

Recent data confirms what we really knew all along–Americans want quality customer service and they’re willing to reward businesses that provide it. Echo Research/American Express reported the following:

  • 61% say in this economic environment, quality customer service is more important to them
  • Americans will spend 9% more with companies that provide excellent customer service
  • 24% of Americans believe companies value their business and will go the extra mile to keep it
  • 37% believe that companies have increased their focus on providing quality service
  • 27% feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service
  • 28% say companies are now paying less attention to good service
  • Most consumers feel businesses can do more to retain their loyalty:
  • 48% feel companies are helpful but don’t do anything extra to keep their business
  • 21% believe that companies take their business for granted.

We try to buck the trend by providing service excellence to our dealers, and to consumers who purchase our products. Please let me know what we can do to continue to improve our efforts in this critical area.

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