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Best Plants for Your Sunroom Addition

With walls of glass, a Betterliving Sunroom will help your plants thrive year-round. When choosing plants to add to your sunroom decor, think about ones that love sunlight. Tropical plants do well in the bright light, as well as herbs and common houseplants. Below are five plants that we recommend considering for your sunroom addition. 

With their large colorful flowers, a hibiscus plant is a beautiful addition to any sunroom. These plants love full sunlight, warmth and humidity. If cared for correctly, they will bloom for years, bringing a tropical feel into your home.

Orchids are another tropical plant that can be found in a range of colors and sizes. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight, making sunrooms an ideal location for displaying. This common houseplant is easy to care for as long as their needs are met in terms of light, temperature, and humidity. 

Spider Plant
Spider plants are hardy and forgiving, making them an easy plant for beginners. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight, and look lovely in a hanging basket. Spider plants are not picky about their conditions, and even if they are not cared for correctly, it will not take much work to make them flourish again.

Boston Fern
The Boston Fern is another low-maintenance houseplant. They are also hardy, some varieties more so than others. Not only do they add a decorative touch to your sunroom with the green foliage hanging over a basket or shelf, but they also help purify the air. Boston Ferns do well with bright light and can help make your sunroom more peaceful and relaxing.

African Violet
This purple, blue, or white flower does well in pots while exposed to sunlight most of the day. They are a popular indoor plant, and with the right conditions, they can flower several times throughout the year. Even though they are a smaller plant, they’ll add pops of color throughout your sunroom.

Although these are our recommendations, many other plants will also do well in sunrooms. Whether you’re an expert gardener or just starting out with houseplants or whether you’re looking for bright colorful blooms or hanging baskets of luscious green, you’ll be able to find the perfect plant to add the finishing touch to your sunroom.

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