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I was uneasy that Betterliving Sunrooms was named in the November issue of Qualified Remodeler as one of the Top 5 Exterior Contractors in the US. Not that I’m not proud to be included – I am pleased to be recognized as a national sun room leader.

I just am not comfortable having our sales figures published, especially in such a volatile economic climate.
Because sales numbers aren’t really the measure of a company’s success.
I would rather be known as the highest quality sun room on the market.
I would rather be listed for the highest customer satisfaction.
Qualified Remodeler is one of the oldest and most respected journals in the professional home remodeling industry. Over the years we have been a frequent contributor to articles about trends in the sunroom industry. But 2008 was the first year we ever agreed to submit our financial information for consideration to be listed as a national sales leader. I let our marketing department talk me into it. They thought it was important recognition for our sun room division, and an important part of our effort to introduce our products to other companies.
When we made the lists (we were also listed in the Top Manufacturers in the August issue of QR) I decided we won’t do this again. So if you don’t see us there next year, you’ll know why.

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