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Upgrade Your Screen Room to a Betterliving Sunroom

Screen rooms are transitional areas that bridge the indoors and outdoors. While they are great on warm days, they often fall short in terms of year-round usability and comfort. This is why many homeowners decide to transform their screen room into a cozy, inviting sunroom. Sunrooms create a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors throughout the year, instead of only on warm, dry days.

A three-season sunroom extends the outdoor living season, while a year-round sunroom uses insulated glass to enjoy the outdoors up to 365 days a year. Imagine an extension to your living space – a cozy retreat bathed in natural light, where you can unwind with a book, enjoy morning coffee, or entertain guests throughout the year. 

In addition to year-round comfort, sunrooms are a visually appealing space with increased versatility. Use the space as an exercise room, extra living or dining area, or office space. On cool days, close up the windows and let the sun warm the room. On warm days, open the windows to allow in gentle breezes.

With the versatility and year-round comfort that sunrooms offer, it’s no wonder so many homeowners contact us to convert their screen room into a sunroom. They get more use of the space, improve their home’s curb appeal, and increase their home’s value. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful Betterliving Sunroom additions.

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